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n. A place where beautiful young girls are bred. The teachers and students alike are loved by all. Westridge girls are known to be gorgeous, incredibly smart and athletic.

adj. Because Westridge girls are known to be gorgeous, incredibly smart and athletic, many people often use the word 'westridge' in a positive way.
n. Westridge was established in 1913.

adj. That valedictorian is good at everything..she's so westridge!
by melody December 16, 2004
All girls school for perfectionists who don't sleep.
i never sleep and all i do is do homework because i go to westridge!
by fifiena October 22, 2007
pretentious and proud of it.
all of the cars in the parking lot combined could feed a small third nation country.
nonetheless filled with the hottest and cockiest girls in p-dena who pretend to be from the ghetto.
westridge girl a) where do you live?
westridge girl b) in the ghetto...san marino.
by ruck June 19, 2005
An all girls school in Pasadena, CA that strives to be on the same academic level as Polytechnic and Prep, but fails. The students are generally wealthy, stressed out, and cliquey -- most of them see one of the city's may adolescent psychiatrists. Once used to be a cool place with lots of different types of people, but now just a mill for the college-bound elite.
I just had a med check with my shrink and ran into three Westridge girls.
by 4eva&aday March 13, 2015
An all girls school in the heart of Pasadena where they lack a sense of niceness. Being all bitches, they think there the shit and hottest thing out there. There rich status of being in an all girl school since before middle school, makes them very horny for male young boys.
Westridge girl: I'm so excited for our battle of the bands! I'm so hardcore
hardcore band performs
Westridge girl: omg this isnt Jesse McCartney
by bootybooty May 28, 2006
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