Some definitions make it seem like snobs who sit on our ass all day and drive fancy cars...We work hard for the money we have...not only do we have amazing athletics in Staples (Westport HS) kids here party four nights a week...Go to Yale after HS...get a six figure job...move back to westport...I love it here
Westporter 1: Should I take the benz or the W?
Westporter 2:If were drinking take the benz, we can afford to scuff it up...
by Livinwestportandlovinit June 19, 2005
A filthy rich town in Fairlfield County, where kids get high on a daily routine. If you dont drive a BMW or have a sidekick you dont fit in.

No offense against the basterds, i mean come on, its not their fault they daddy owns the company and they get anything they want.
So, basically here are the rules if you live there.

1. Have a BMW, Jeep, and so on

2. Have a pink razor or sidekick

3. Go through bf/gf like its your job

4. Dye your hair daily

5. Have a speck house (mansion)

6. Havs tons of friends(most of them you dont like)

7. Anything below a B+ means your thousand dollar a week allowance is up.

xoo Westport

by the way.... xo to mclslphwcf mwas

(i live in westport, at least i can admit i am a rich bitch)

xo losers
westporters define rich
by blondbitchinwtprt October 10, 2006
westport is the richest town in connecticut, and connecticut is the richest small state in the us... so imagine that.
there are mansions all around ,and the houses are exceptionally large around the sturges commons area and the private streets off of there.
kids mostly spend weekends using daddys credit card to shop down town, at the most expensive shops found in fairfield county, and drive around in their bmw, lexus ,bugs or mercedes.
a poor person there would get a jeep.
most nights are spent partying and getting drunk, as the parents leave the kids alone and have their WINE CELLARS unlocked.
these kids will never experience the real world
welcome to staples high school freshmans
u must have a 3.6 gpa and a score of 1400 or higher to be considered average in this school
so we hope you have a great 4 years here
ooh westport
by moasoihn October 29, 2005
Let's see...
A rich little town in the richest little state... Filled with athletes, jews, and your daddy's bosses, Westport has its own standards. As with everything and anything so amazing, it is no surprise that we attract the foul rantings of rich-haters, jew-haters, and the losing football team.
Enough said...

All we show is love...Yet all we get is hate.

We're not making you look bad. You're making us look GOOD.
1-"I'm gonna go buy that rapper's new CD that came out."
2-"Oh yeah me too... Umm whats the rapper's name again?"
1-"Uhh. Dang. I forgot, he's the one that lives in WESTPORT."
2-"Yeah... I think his name was... Well who cares what his name is...He's from WESTPORT."
by Staplerkid August 22, 2005
One of the richest towns in Connecticut. Most kids in this town try to act black and "ghetto" even though they think that poor is getting a slightly smaller boat. These people will never have to even think about hard labor and are the most arrogant people in the United States. The parents are oblivious to everything and leave the liquor cabinets unlocked, giving their kids free access. Most kids spend their free time playing a ludicrous amount of sports, being completely smashed and/or stoned. The saddest part about this town is that the kids will probably grow up, go to ivy league schools, and go work for daddy, making millions more, then getting married and having kids just like themselves.
Look at the fourth definition and you will see my point...pathetic really...
by Ashamed To Be Living Here May 25, 2005
We are nice, people are nice, but maybe we can get like mad or nasty because we just get Fustrated. Ya we have cool cars but that isnt a bad thing.
I love westport, we dont think that we have to be an overachiever w.e. i think it is horrible what you people think of our town becuase just becuase we have monmey doesnt me you have to bug us about it. We are lucky we live here. It doesnt matter anyways. If you lived in our town you would love it too. So stop saying all this crap. Does it matter if your a jew or not either, iam not but i dont care i went to a lot of parties for them who they hell cares.big houses are nice anyways.Town is soo nice looking.
by claudiala November 14, 2005
ok, well we live in westport. its really not as bad as you all say. yes, there are many mercedes, bmw's, lexus's, range rovers, and of course, the hummer h2 driving around.. but truly, were not all stuck up. many have boats, that doesnt make us rich ass kids. most of us are normal. yes, you need money to live in this town, but the way we are described isnt that true. Westport is pretty snobby, but if you find the right ppl its not as bad as you say. one thing i do have to agree with you on, are the degsigner clothes and drugs/drinking. and yea, teh designer clothes is another reason you have to be rich. to fit in, in this town, you need at least 3 juicys, and 4 so lows. but everyone has a place to fit in. and if u even think of saying we are all rich and go to camp, we go to camp to do something in the summer.. its what most people do.
westport, only the richest will be able to survive.
by monika + christina July 31, 2005
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