We are nice, people are nice, but maybe we can get like mad or nasty because we just get Fustrated. Ya we have cool cars but that isnt a bad thing.
I love westport, we dont think that we have to be an overachiever w.e. i think it is horrible what you people think of our town becuase just becuase we have monmey doesnt me you have to bug us about it. We are lucky we live here. It doesnt matter anyways. If you lived in our town you would love it too. So stop saying all this crap. Does it matter if your a jew or not either, iam not but i dont care i went to a lot of parties for them who they hell cares.big houses are nice anyways.Town is soo nice looking.
by claudiala November 14, 2005
Yo Westport is a fucking rich town that just gets retarteed all the time. We drive around in mercedes and wait for the police to break up parties. The hippies ware hundreds of dollars of clothing and think they are "alternative" Every girl has an ID and knows exactly where to buy alc, especially for games, football of course because well we always win,
to be honest I'm crunked right now and I live in westport, and I sucked dick tonight. I have a 3.8 gpa and live in a house big as helll, its great i love life.
by fuckin love this place April 19, 2005
Westport is bi-polor like most people in the town. They're nice to their own kind, mean and racist to anyone that has skin darker than off-white. Friendships come and go like last seasons clothes. I've lived here 10yrs and I have refused to given into the pricey life styles of a westporter. I don't own a 2+ million dollor house and that's way I like it. I'm sure I won't go to an IV legue collage, which is shunned upon. I don't cry if my grade is lower than C+, long as I do my best then that's all can ask for. I'm not saying I don't care about my grades, I do. It's just I'm not westport material, at least my parents teach me values, to me polite and respectful. Just because you have money doesn't mean your fit to have childern and these childern become the druggies and party-goers that gives westport the image it does. A mind is a terriable thing to waste and I feel the privlage kids of westport don't care about what they have because it can always be replaced with daddy's checkbook...
Teens in westport drive the best car their parents own to school and crash it later on that weekend.
A community in Fairfield County, CT of generally superficial and dishonest people who will do whatever it takes to succeed and achieve. Westport’s creed has always been, “go to the best college possible, to in turn earn as much money as possible.” An arbitrary Westport resident will tell you that their purpose in life is to walk over as many people as necessary in pursuit of their own success, and that the keys to happiness will always be money and status.
Westport is a community of shallow over-achievers with poor values.
by JRoths September 11, 2005
basically a freekin rich town in Ct where everyone sucks dick and gets crunked 24/7. Everyone hates everyone else but is obsessed with their brand new juicy sweatsuit or range rover. Everyone also thinks their ghetto and black but they arent. Actually They are probably the most white people anyone will ever know of. Also there is a massive amount of jews. who wear their yamakas(cnt spell not jewish) to school and think theyre the shit. whats up with that?
westporter: Lets see how many people I can talk shit about today while still remaning 'biffers' with them
by westportlover April 13, 2005
A rich town next to the town of WESTON (even richer), home of many great stores and crap.
i am going to WESTPORT to shop today
by Liver June 20, 2005
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