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Weston, CT is a small, suburban town located in the midst of farifield country known for its affluence, high adolescent drinking rates, stellar high school graduation rates, and lack of businesses.
Holy shit, Weston, CT is boring. Want to go get drunk after we study for chem?
by Trojan Train November 09, 2005
a small, rich town in southern CT, also known as the sister town of westport. A place were full rich kids. In weston u have to at least be on a sport team or do drama. Weston is also known for its high test scores, making the kids very smart and good test takers. Around here its proably 95% white and very lil diversity. The girls will be wearin abercrombie, tiffany jewelry, coach bags and Uggs and the guys will also be wearing abercrombie , polo shirts and nikes. rarley anyone acts ghetto anymore except for a few people. Most people think weston is soo boring that the only good place to hang out is westport and hang out at compo beach, toquet hall, or main street which are very popular.Or go to the wilton movie theater.Weston is also known for the teens here getting drunk and high.
-im soo bored in Weston, CT , wanna go to main street?
by M.S October 07, 2007
Weston is a place where everything goes right. It is a small town, with one center and one school for each age group. The girls are all HOT and the boys are HOT. It is a really nice town with one of the best school districts in the state.
Hey wanna go to town in Weston, CT?
So would you like the hardware store, the post office, the pharmacy, the market, or the Lunch Box.
Is that it?
Umm how about we head into Westport?
by Weston girl September 04, 2011
Smal, rich, J.A.P. town where everyone thinks their ghetto but their really scared sacks of shit. Everyone is smart and gets into college.
I want to move to Weston because it is G-Hetto
by Westonite August 27, 2005
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