It must have taken a true genius to think of the towns name. All the girls are cum dumpsters and everyone's a pot head. Cops are real pole smokers and practice with each others nightsticks.
"Preston wheres my pot?"
- "I sold it last night and spent it on that cum dumpster in Westmoreland"
by Mike Flo April 05, 2010
Top Definition
A town in New Hampshire with an exceptionaly classy mix of people. It is possibly the whitest town ever, the teachers tell stories of a black kid who once went there. The social class stucture does not exist in Westmoreland. Although it is the wealthiest town in the wonderful County of Cheshire, in order to fit in with the locals you must put on a stained tee shirt which came from a construction related company. The school is excellent, but it has yet to graduate somebody without alcoholic tendencies (besides the legendary Dangerous D). The activieties of Westmorelanders include, Boonin, drinkin, smokin, cow tippin, smokin reefer, snomobilin, dippin, huntin, workin on their trucks, liftin their trucks, trappin, harvestin the crop, plowin, drivin tractors, beatin their wives, stabbin people with machettes, and partin on the hill.
Person 1 "Where in the hell is Westmoreland?"Person 2 "We just drove through it, it was the place with all the cows and big trucks."
by Ford350 October 29, 2009
A street in Naperville, Il, referring to a land that is more west. Iowa.
Yeah i drove through westmoreland on my drip last weekend
by seevs May 08, 2005
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