Suburb of Denver, Colorado. Known as (303), Thr33 oh 3, etc. and Westy.
Basically the coolest place on earth, because there's a band with the area code as their name, AND members of the Fray were in the area. West-towers are pretty much famous.
Ricky: Where you from?

Shannon: Westminster.

Ricky: Oh, the big Thr33 oh 3?

Shannon: Yea, I'm pretty much famous.
by Michelle Piper October 06, 2008
A boring place. The only thing to do is go to the coffee house Calle "the pour house"
Then afterwards you go to someones house and get hight/drunk..real fun..not..These people need God real bad..
Also it is full of wiggers who walk around the city dressed up like thugs and for some reason they can't speak right so they use words like"wuz and made up words like"for shizzle"(who the heck knows what that means) then go
home to there mommies and daddies and get money from them for the weekend..
"Yo home G. wuz up tonight!"Says C-dawg to
"dawg we are goin to hot spot"D-block says as he lights up..
"the pour house?"
"for shizzly my nizzle"D-block yells...and thinks"what the crap does that mean anyway"
by Wiglet March 27, 2005
A K-8 rich ass private school in Northern Virginia. Rich ass people go there. Even though the school itself is gay, the people who go there r tight, esp. the class of 2004... w/ all them blondes n dirty blondes. There is also an Irish Latin teacher there who stalks children for her job.
Me: Have you seen Westminster School?
Random person: Yeah, and I heard some hot girls went there.
by Jimmy October 29, 2004

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