A prestigious, small Connecticut boarding school of about 400 students ranging from across the U. S. and the world. Its known for its unusually talented hockey and lacrosse teams who are motivated by hot anorexic bitches. Its superior to nearby school Avon Old Farms.
Westminster School rocks Avon's World.

Too bad they dont have any girls and have to stalk girls like the perverts they are.
by Jesiupos1 March 12, 2010
Top Definition
A small 400 student boarding school located in Simsbury, Connecticut (the most boring town on earth). The school is populated by bleach blonde, super tan, anorexic girls from Darien, New Cannan, and NYC, along with a bunch of stupid douche bags (a.k.a. guys) who are only there because they got sent there for sports. The school says its very strict about drugs, alcohol, and sex, and yet everyday, all of these things occur on campus (in every building) and either no one gets kicked out or like two people get kicked out. The school can't decide when the right time to kick kids out is (Kanye West Concert). Most of the kids only keep their spots at the school because their rich parents are stuffing millions of dollars into the funds at the school. Despite all this, the teachers is decent and the sports teams are ok.
Guy: Hey, do you wanna go have sex and do some drugs?

Girl: Sure, let's do it in the headmaster's office, he won't mind. (she barfs in a toliet)

Guy: Man, Westminster School is the best.
by the West Minister August 08, 2008
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