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A character from the popular comic series, Arcane Quarry, by Mewzii. Westin is a dragon and the CEO of a multi-trillion dollar corporation, WesTech, which dominates the entire electronics industry. Westin is known for his above-average intelligence.
"Westin, you're so sexy!"
by Sesshoumaru's Girlfriend July 26, 2005
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Usually homophobic, he fears gay people and is probably compensating for his small penis. People named Westin tend to never be able to come up with comebacks. Ever. He's also stupid. Really stupid.
Did you hear about Sarah Palin? Chicks got ass, but is a total Westin.
by JoeMama115 October 20, 2014
Westin loves the clone kitty.
I am Westin, and i love the clone kitty.

Bart "ITS A CLONE!!"
by haroz_rock January 28, 2009

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