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A character from the popular comic series, Arcane Quarry, by Mewzii. Westin is a dragon and the CEO of a multi-trillion dollar corporation, WesTech, which dominates the entire electronics industry. Westin is known for his above-average intelligence.
"Westin, you're so sexy!"
by Sesshoumaru's Girlfriend July 26, 2005
Westin is a guy that you meet once in a lifetime. He is very creative and is overwhelmingly charming, especially in romantic situations. He usually is very well with children and kids, He would normally want to become a aerospace engineer and or something to do with space. He always knows how to talk to people and make them laugh no matter how sad or disappointed they were or are. He will feel bad if he does something wrong and will not stop apologizing because he really means it. He normal has a decent dick and usually knows how to make anyone feel like there in a dream. He can kiss like a prince and do much more, Usually is very easy to walk up to and talk to, as well as he doesn't care if he knows you or not, he will gladly open up and start talking to you. But if you do know a "Westin" then you better get to know him if you can. Normally is very flirty and can get into your head very easily if you let him. He usually has dark brown hair and is very fit. He normally doesn't fight but when he does, hes a force to recon with. within the first 10 seconds he'll have you begging for mercy, doesn't like to fight people that are taller than him but he can still put up a decent fight.
Westin is a gem, when you find him you'll never let go.
by Truth and more! April 10, 2016
Usually homophobic, he fears gay people and is probably compensating for his small penis. People named Westin tend to never be able to come up with comebacks. Ever. He's also stupid. Really stupid.
Did you hear about Sarah Palin? Chicks got ass, but is a total Westin.
by JoeMama115 October 20, 2014
Based off of Kanye West's personality, when a person starts acting arrogant and conceited.
"I went over to her house and all she talked about was how much better her clothes looked than ____'s clothes!"

"Bitch, she westin'"
by mabouahm May 12, 2016
Westin loves the clone kitty.
I am Westin, and i love the clone kitty.

Bart "ITS A CLONE!!"
by haroz_rock January 28, 2009
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