Home to the 90% of the worlds fuckwads, westford is perhaps the most horrid place to live in the worlds. there schools include westford acadamy(preppy fucks) and nashoba tech.(ghetto fucks). This town also has a bout 8,000,000,000 old rich people who love it here.
I want to get as far away from this shit heep of westford, as i can when I finish high school.
by jokls jakduehe1 August 06, 2008
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30 sq. miles of land located around 30 miles Northwest of Boston. The population numbers close to 21,000 people. The high school, Westford Academy, is too strict and divided into cliques. Mainly the preppy jocks, drama kids, goths, or genious asians/indians. Westford Academy also has possibly the bets looking girls around. There isn't much to do in Westford. Mostly, high school kids spend time at the local chili's, any number of pizza joints (Presti's, WHOP, Silver Palette are the main three), or Cumby's. Fast food restaurants also serve as a subsitute. In their free time, kids usually attend sports games, shop, or get drunk or smok tree at their friend's houses. Also, people from Westford think they're better than you. And chances are, they're right.
Student #1: "Yo, football games over let's go get trashed."
Student #2: "Hold up, we gotta hit Cumby's first. I need a slush"

Student #1: "Dammm those girls are fine."
Student #2: "They must be from Westford? That means they're out of our league man."
Student #1: "Fuck, you're right."
by westfordd December 12, 2006
A town in Massachusetts that people seem to dislike, where apparently only jocks and theatre geeks with girls pants roam the highschool once attended by Paul Revere's son. Aaron Stanford, who was X-Men's Pyro (theatre geek?) grew up there as well as golfer Pat Bradley (rich jock?). Everyone there is super rich (just check out all of those mansions sweeping Nabnasset). Home of MIT's Haystack Observatory and the supposed grave of some knight to beat those Pilgrim bastards to New England by a few hundred years. At least 20% of the students at Westford Academy will work at Kimball Farms icecream stand for at least one summer. They've got a surplus of granite, and the New Kids On The Block recorded "Hangin' Tough" at Mission Control Studios there. After highschool, it becomes an extremely boring town until you're 40 with a family and a crappy commute to Boston.
Person 1: There's nothing to do tonight.

Person 2: What do you expect? We're in WESTFORD.
by Topher Cronin January 30, 2007
a town about 30 minutes northwest of boston. although some westfordians are snobs, if u've lived here long enough they let u into the club and ur pretty much set. it's not the most exciting place in the world, however it has its attractions such as kimballs and other stuff. the highschool is called westford academy, and there are the whiggers and goths who go there, but they are outnumbered by everyone else. if ur not involved at westford academy, then u r usually f*cked, so if u go there- get involved, whether it be athletics, theatre, clubs, anything really. westford academy also has a ridiculous amount of attractive girls. westford has its down-sides, but if u get involved with stuff u enjoy and choose friends who u like, ur all set.
dave: westford sucks.
john: u suck, dipwahd.
by Blackwell July 15, 2006
Contrary to popular belief, people in Westford really aren't that bad. It's a sucky town if you can't drive, but you don't have to fall into one of a number of categories or cliques. People are pretty tolerant- not perfect, mind, but pretty tolerant.
And not everyone is shallow enough to be obsessed with the so-called "hot girls" at WA. There's a good amount of sluttishness and bitchyness, but a good number of us are halfway decent, thank you.
Our theatre program is KICK ASS and you'd agree if you ever saw a blackbox play, so don't diss WATA. They're cliquey, yeah, but they're damn good.
Get involved and stop dissing us and you might actually think it's ok here.
Westford's not amazing, but it's not as bad as everyone says it is. We have Kimball's.
by Zaraiya October 27, 2008
a town in Massachusetts full of people with too much money and too much community spirit. if you attend the high school in westford (so dutifully named Westford Academy), you are one of the following: a football player with good grades, a 16 year old girl who tries desperately to be scene, a 16 year old boy who tries desperately to be scene who wears girl pants, a theatre geek, or a wealthy schmuk who has no worries because daddy has some rare, well-paying job (i.e. a model, a government offical, etc.). on their spare time, kids in westford attend local shows at the parish or frequent their school auditorium to watch the theatre geeks' rendition of The Who's Tommy. tourists tend to stay away from westford because their fast food resturants DO NOT have drive-thrus and EVERY store closes at 8 (rich kids need their beauty sleep).
typical conversation between a Westford Academy student and teacher:
"mr. smith, why did i get a C on my report?"
"because it was poorly written and had my grammatical errors, johnny."
"well, mr. smith, my daddy's friend Benjamin Franklin seems to think otherwise..." (hands teacher 100 dollar bill)
"...now that i think of it johnny, 'rock' IS spelled r-o-k!"
by WhoooAmI July 04, 2006
A big town that is pretty close to Boston, ski country, and the ocean. Just about all white for the last 300 years, but the chinks and towel heads have invaded in the last few years cuz of the good schools. Seems that every f-ing turn in Westford smells like curry now. There are a few "bouroughs", like Forge, G-Ville, Nab, and Parker Village. Not everybody is rich like everybody thinks, but we are pretty well off compared to some other towns. Its pretty rural, but but there a couple of developments like hitchin' post and Greystone (a.k.a. Hindu Heights or Curry Corner) Westford Academy is pretty cool, and there are groups like the fags (oops, the theatere group), jocks, goths (ewww) and preps. Also, the girls are fucking dimes. Kimballs is a blast, and just about has the best mini-golf and ice cream around. If your around, its a definate stop. Overall, Westford is pretty quiet. No fires, gunz, or anything. Todd is a gangsta by the way, just had to say that.
G-Ville boy: Hey, I'm about the tag the Hitchingpost sign wanna join?
G-ville boy 2: Let's also beef with the rest of Westford.
G-ville boy: y not
by Forge Boy May 14, 2007
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