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Western Park is a 'hood in South Oak Cliff, TX. It's a real big 'hood with about 6 smaller ones inside of it, Dopeside, Kenwood, Highland Road Village, Village Green, Los Encinos and Westhaven Park. It's nicknames is WP, 445, or Trap Town.

Since it's big as hell, it got a whole lotta gangs in it that are in different sides.

Dopeside- Bloods

Kenwood- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs, Sureños

Highland Road Village- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs, Sureños, Ski Mask Click

Village Green- Crips, Ski Mask Click

Los Encinos- Crips, Oak Cliff Thugs

Westhaven Park- Crips, Sureños, Oak Cliff Thugs

We also got different races that are in different sides.
La Rue's the blocc, Western Park's the 'hood
by WP Rider January 22, 2011
The second worst hood in Dallas. WP got surroundin hoods like Las Villas a.k.a tha LV, Las Encinas aka E Side and Encinos Park aka Southside. The whole hood is divided. Darkside is North and Cent Side is South Central. All blocks with even numbers are enemies to odd blocks and are called Blokkas. we also got beef with Arcadia Park, Old East Dallas, and Detroit. Some niggas even go to detroit to start shit. we gow alot of brazilian, jamaican and mexican influence. we mostly CRIPpin.
SDT: Where you from, cuzzin?

SWDT: Oh, its Western Park OCT, ya heard?

SDT: Lets go ride on them bussa ass detroit, bitch-igan niggas.

SWDT: Thats wassup, cara.
by westernparkoct July 27, 2009
Western Park, sometimes called Westurn Park is the 2nd worst 'hood in Do11a$, Tech-Sas (Dallas, Tx). We cool with Souf Dallas, West Dallas, Kiest N Polk, Cedar Crest and Westmo' Cash Heights (Westmoreland Heights). We AIN'T good with East Dallas, Arcadia Park and Nawf Dallas.
Western Park to Kiest N Polk, we done this s--- befo' by gettin crunk, by gettin blowed, puttin haters up on the flo'

-Western/Kiest Connection
by westernparkoakcliff July 08, 2009
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