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Similar to a wet dream, except when you wake up you're still shooting.
(Lee hears screaming from Big Slick's room and runs in)

Lee: What's wrong? Are you OK?

Big Slick: Wow. Sorry, i was dreaming i was starring aside Clint Eastwood in some crazy dream!

(Lee looks down, then starts smiling)

Lee: Its ok Slick. You are just finishing off a Western Dream!
by nic london April 18, 2008
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When you wake up during a wet dream, and your little guy is still shooting.
guy 1: Man, I had a western dream this morning!
guy 2: You dreamt about cowboys and indians?
guy 1: No dude, I wwas dreaming about banging your mom, and I woke up and my little guy was still shooting
by the real John Wang September 20, 2011

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