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-The Westerleigh park is known as "The Park".
-Everyone knows everyone in Westerleigh.
-You cannot successfully walk two-three blocks without running into someone you know.
-Everybody walks their dog ALL THE TIME.
-No one knows where Westerleigh is if you tell them you live in Westerleigh.
-The P.S. 30 playgrounds are a pathetic place to hang out.
-There's nothing to do but sit and the park.
-Whenever a police car or a fire truck shows up in the neighborhood, it is a huge deal.
-Most of the houses look the same.
-Almost all of the streets are one ways.
Guy: Hey man where did you say you lived?
Other Guy: Westerleigh
Guy: Where's that?
by Mrs. McGonagall December 09, 2010
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