No, this isn't the Westchester that your thinking of in New York. This is Westchester, Illinois. A small western suburb just 15 miles from the city of Chicago.
Here you have your mostly middle and upper middle class families.
Half the kids in the town think that they are ghetto, while the other half wish they were rich and hang out with Hinsdale, Western Springs, & Burr Ridge kids all the time.

If your a Westchester kid and you play baseball or softball, well then you know about 80% of the families in town.
A majority of the kids in Westchester end up going to the following high schools: St. Joes, Proviso West, PMSA, Montini. And then the preppier kids head on over to Naz.
In Westchester, every night is a party.

One of the most exciting things that happens in Westchester is THE FEST. This is the one event that every person in this town lives for. It happens only one weekend a year and occurs in July. The fest is a place where you can get food and slushies, listen to awful live bands, ride rides. Most importantly its a place where everyone is wasted and its perfectly normal.
OMG only 105 days till Westchester Fest!

Westchester always has parties
by Westchester Local March 06, 2011
welcome to westchester.
it's a place where collars have no sense of gravity & pink is referred to as "nantucket red." it's a place where starbucks is a regular stop & NYU is the top choice for college. it's a place where the students at school drive nicer cars than the teachers & everyone winds up spending spring break in cape cod or the bahamas. it's a place where everyone belongs to a health club, beach club, golf club, or yacht club & they call it "the club." it's a place where people take longer to do their hair than their homework. it's a place when juicy couture sweat suits are considered "casual" & you wear more make-up than the models in the magazines. it's a place where tiffany's just can't restock fast enough. it's a place where weekly pedi/manis are a must. it's a place where saving money is a foreign concept, although you have a full bank account. It's a place where every teenage girl has a credit card and spend their daddy's money. It's a place where every has a BMW or range rover and get a new car every year. its' a place where the weak won't survive. <3
i'm a westchester girl!
by cew April 01, 2007
A small western suburb of Chicago smacked in the middle of Bellwood, Broadview, Hillside and Oak Brook. It's so secluded by the other suburbs that very few people would know about it. It's very quiet and the population is mostly either old people or rich, preppy kids who attend the area's several private schools. A very small percentage of the population is actually cool. Also known as "Deadchester" to many.
So, you live near Chicago, too? Where are you from?
Where's THAT at?
I'm not even gonna bother explaining where...
by hydrospanner May 28, 2011
Long Island without that whole civilization thing.
In a nutshell, the ominous beginnings of Upstate New York. If the English Countryside is your idea of paradise, but you don't want to go all the way, then this is the place for you.
Person #1:

Hello, I live in Scarsdale! That's in Westchester.... Are you impressed yet?

Person #2:

You do? My condolences...
It must be like living in suburban Washington. I mean, everything is colonial, and you have to commute through ghetto everyday. Again, my condolences...
by Ditafooka February 13, 2010
Where Bronxites move to when too many "mulignans" come to Throgs Neck/Morris Park or when their income exceeds a certain level.
Yo, let's move ta Eas'chesta to get away from dese mulignans takin' ova da nice Italian nabahood, ah!
by YO Man January 08, 2005
79ave to 117ave and 32st to 48st. palm trees, taken care of house, coral gables of the cubans, but once you hit bird road from 114ave to 87ave it starts down grading barely any grass in front of the houses lots of power cables over the streets lots of cars parked on the border of the roads burglar bars on some houses and gangs belive it or not the bird road boys i think they had a video on you tube. westchester has had shootings, beatings, robberies, auto thefts, and drugs but it is liveable just like the rest of miami. westchester and hialeah are where the most cubans are at.
john: hey isnt westchester in new york
bob: yes but miami has one too
by henrybirdroadcoralway October 04, 2008
You know you've never been out of Westchester when:

a) you refer to White Plains and New Rochelle as 'ghetto'
b) that one time in your whole life when you went to Brooklyn (likely gentrified Brooklyn Heights, no less) you actually expected to hear people talking in Brooklyn accents.
c) You group all neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn together as "the ghetto", even areas that are predominantly white, low-crime, and working class (Bensonhurst, Kingsbridge, Throgs Neck, etc); that is, your definition of ghetto is anything poorer than Westchester.
d) you believe the subway is a lot faster than it actually is. People in remote parts of Brooklyn like Sheepshead Bay or Gravesend don't get to Manhattan any faster than the Metro-North train from lower Westchester.

Note that not everyone in Westchester is a suburban hermit, i live there and have been to just about every corner of the 4 main boroughs. But soooo many people fit this description, it's really sad, White Plains is NOT ghetto, not even remotely. And New Rochelle is like Sesame Street compared to the worst parts of Brooklyn. So you don't live inthe ghetto westchester people, get over it.
I was a suburban hermit until about a year ago.
by Fuckahoe Tuckahoe March 05, 2005

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