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A small town of mainly Norweigen decent with a population of 2,000+ residents. The town lies between the two towns of Coon Valley and Viroqua and is located in West Wisconsin. The population mainly includeds Norweigen, Germany and white residents, but there is also a (very) small percentage of other minorities (Black, Hispanic, etc,) that also reside there. The town is most well known for its national distrabution of Westby Cottage Cheese, Cheese Curds and other dairy products.
What Westby's Welcome Sign SHOULD Read: Welcome To Westby! A place of great cheese, great sights, and the biggest gathering of passive-agressive assholes in all of Wisconsin! Enjoy your stay!
by IKnowIAmButWhatAreYou? July 27, 2011
term used to describe someone who rarley goes to college, and when he does he does so only to play poker and take all the first years money
"hey westby are going to your next lesson"
"no ash still has some money left"
by anon February 09, 2005
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