professional trolls that don't actually believe anything they say.
westboro baptist church: god hates faggots *gets punched, lawsuit follows, free moneys*

problem america?
#westboro baptist church #southboro baptist church #eastboro baptist church #northboro baptist church #crutch #tomali
fucking idiots. they are completely ignorant and i wish they had never been born. props to the girl who escaped that freaking cult because she saw sense unlike the rest of them who just let themselves be brainwashed and then they brainwash their kids in turn. they misinterpret the bible to be about hate and misrepresent christians to the world. christian terrorists.
If the douches from the Westboro Baptist Church are going to heaven I think I would rather be in hell!
#wbc #westboro #baptist #church #terrorists #horrible christians #retards #they make me so maaaad!
by wefwqergfd June 01, 2011
The WBC is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, they are loathsome vermin who cast a vile light on mainstream Christianity. Some people even associate them with other Christians (see WBC-itis), although it's important to note that the WBC rejects, and is rejected by, all other denominations. They claim that God hates, while other Christian denominations teach that God loves exclusively.

People call them a hate group that opposes homosexuals. In fact, they're so much more than that. In their demented minds, everyone who isn't a member of their church is either a "fag" or "fag enabler" with absolutely no exceptions. Everyone but them is going straight to hell, and God hates everyone but them.

Not only do they celebrate and disrupt the funerals of homosexuals, but they also do the same for members of the American Military who are killed in action. The irony, of course, is that the American Military are the very reason that these asswipes have the First Amendment right to spew their disgusting hate speech everywhere, and therefore they owe the military an enormous debt of gratitude, as do we all.
The Westboro Baptist Church is perhaps the sickest and most evil group that operates within the law in this day and age. They are a putrid, infected, cancerous pustule on our great country.

At the exact opposite end of the spectrum is the FFRF, or Freedom From Religion Foundation, who seek to ban religion, and mock those who believe. Frankly, it's a shame that we can't throw these two extremist hate groups into an arena until they all end up killing each other.
#wbc #wbc-itis #ffrf #hatred #evil #disgusting #demented #extremism #fsm
by klopek007 March 03, 2010
A joke of a church that believes that America is gonna suffer in the eternal flames of hell for accepting homosexuality. Originating from Topeka,Kansas, they are usually found at funerals of fallen soldiers desecrating the flag and protesting how their death was punishment us not being Intolerant homophobic rednecks.
jim: did you see those nutjobs from the Westboro Baptist Church on the news today?
billy: nah i dont got time for stupid jackasses like them
#homophobic #dumbasses #retarded #redneck #unamerican
by Mr.Remoter June 02, 2011
A group of over 70 people (all inbred probably and from the same family) who think more about sex than the average slut.
"God hates Fags!" Said the Westboro Baptist Church...FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES ON EARTH.
#intolerant #unpatriotic #gay #lesbian #sex #fundamentalist
by cool guy 94 April 24, 2013
A group of sick fucks that give Christianity a bad name. They go around picketing and protesting every fucking thing that's beliefs are not absolutely identical to theirs. They claim that everyone who tolerates homosexuality or anything they disagree with for that matter is going to hell. It's fucking shit. They have no sanity or compassion in them, and if anyone deserves to go to fucking hell, it's them. They're sorry fucking excuses for human beings.
The westboro baptist church apparently thinks that God hates fags, dykes, America, and anything else that is not 100% Christian. Someone needs to blow their fucking heads off. Ignorant cunts make me sick.
#shit #wbc #cunts #deserve to die #fuck them
by xxXxx October 20, 2013
A building full of lowlife hypocrites that fill their time by celebrating people's deaths because they believe that they are the only ones who understand the Bible. They think that the 9-11 disaster was the result of too many gay people. How stupid could you get? The amount of hypocrisy and ignorance they display in a day is too much for one person to take in a whole year!
Westboro Baptist Church stole some of my faith in humanity today.
#westboro #baptist #church #hypocrite #ignoramus #bullshit #liars
by ledzeppelin1 August 20, 2014
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