A church that really knows how to use the First Amendment, with thier ridiculous signs saying "God Hates Fags", and "Thank God for 9/11". You can compare them to nazi's and the KKK, but they are basicly the same just not violent. Just a buntch of ignorant fucks that hate anything that says something bad about them. Intstead of saying God Hates This and that, they should just say "Westboro Baptist Church Hates..." and so on. But then people wouldnt give a shit now would they?

They recently came to NJ to come to a couple of High Schools. They failed horribly since most schools closed early and they were standing outside with they're pathetic picket signs. Only a laughable 6 came to my school and no one was there to say anything about it, talk about a waste of time and effort.

Instead of wasting time and blaming other religions and people on problems, they should just blame themselves for giving Americans and Christians a bad name.
Apperently Westboro Baptist Church hates UD too, who cares? Now they hate NJ even more since im from there. If you want more of their bullshit, go to there site. JFGI.
by Guilty Sir November 02, 2009
A religious extremist group based in Topeka, Kansas lead by Fred Phelps. The church is made of mainly the Phelps family because nobody else is screwed up enough to join. Phelps's daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper is the main spokesperson for the church, making appearances on talk shows, radio shows, and the news to be verbally abused by those with common sense. The main focus of the church is that God hates everything and everyone besides the members of the church. In their minds, God's wrath on humanity is the death of our sons and daughters in Iraq. The group is easily most famous for its frequent protests and rallies at military funerals and other funerals that they feel like showing up at. They hold up signs that display vulgar messages and images, trying to get our attention. It gets our attention, but not the kind they want. The Westboro Baptist Church has also been called the most hated family in America, which is appropriate.
The Westboro Baptist Church's main website is called "godhatesfags.com." Another site by them is "godhatesamerica.com." Wow.
by Ellisniss MGP December 29, 2009
A feces that gets stuck to your buttcheek, and leaves a really gross skid mark.
I was pooping yesterday and I got a Westboro Baptist Church...I hate when that happens!
by WBCsux August 06, 2010
A group of people that dare to call themselves a Church. OBVIOUSLY they haven't read the Bible. Sent to hell, stop teaching your kids that stuff.
Westboro Baptist Church: YOU'RE ALL GOING TO HELL!

by Big_Ranter July 03, 2009
A significant proportion of the population (not many, but enough people) spend their school days whipping other kids, sneering in their faces, tearing up their copybooks, beating up anyone they can while still looking righteous and popular and generally doing everything they can to crush the spirit out of anyone they can get away with so treating. Fortunately, most of them have the grace to leave this childhood unpleasantness behind in due course, and become people of fairness, maturity and integrity who are man or woman enough to, at the very least, apologise to their former victims. And mean it.

And then, alas, there are a pathetic few like the Phelps clan.
Various forms of behaviour unworthy of the most intelligent species on the planet are exemplified, to take two examples, by schoolyard bullies, and by the Westboro Baptist Church.
by Fearman August 05, 2007
A 'church' that hates (but says God hates) everybody but themselves.
They should go all out and say 'God hates people who aren't members of the Westboro Baptist Church'
by Cobui February 16, 2010
A Christian extremist and terrorist organization rooted in Topeka, Kansas whose activities have included protesting at stores, schools, churches, and funerals for ridiculous reasons. Other Christians do not even support these wackjobs. Even God would be facepalming at their failure. Their activities sometimes makes them look like an ironic satire of extremist beliefs.
The Westboro Baptist Church protested at the school because a student committed suicide. Their rationale for all tragedies such as this is that God wants to punish America for it's tolerance towards homosexuality and other "non-Christian" values.
by HermitageAgainstWBC March 01, 2010
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