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The WestBankSwagBoys are the greatest rap group in America. They have exceptionally spectacular rhymes that go buko hard. They smash and kill beats everytime they spit. Most off all, they have amazing swag. Some aspects of their swag is the original snapback cap, fresh shirt, jeans and fresh kicks. A lot of people try to be like them because they want their swag and hard cold rhymes. These are not the type of people you should mess with, because they will write and free a verse about you. And you will be the laughing stock of all America. Deff do not call out their hands, cause best believe they're gonna fight. Do not talk shit about them, and say you want to battle them, because they will put you in the dirt. Their freestyles go buko hard. They have an exceptionally large vocabulary. They get all the girls, its just a gift they have and can't help it. Members of this group are D-Glass, Phat Zack, and Ronnie D. They're swag is official, don't try to jock it cause you will not achieve it. So in conclusion, WestBankSwagBoys is where its at, be cool with them or they will destroy you. Also, EastBankSwagBoys can eat dick.
Guy 1: You on the WestBankSwagBoys?
Guy 2: Yes, their music is amazing.
by These Nuts In Your Mouth December 19, 2010

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