Is defined as the one of the best states ever, with beautiful scenery and beautiful mountains!
I love going to West Virginia, it's such a pretty state!
by iloveyouuuuuuxox April 18, 2010
The 35th State admitted to the United States (on June 20, 1863). Its residents had petitioned for secession from Virginia in order to ally with the North in the American Civil War. President Lincoln signed it into statehood on the above date.

It is currently a state with a terrible economy based on coal and tourism. In terms of tourism, though, it has more to offer than one might expect.

Its electoral votes had gone to the Democratic candidate for decades prior to the 2000 election, and it has had two Democratic Senators and a Democrat as Governor for quite some time as don't call it a "red state." That only proves that you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

For a quick, easy map of West Virginia, flip yourself off with your left hand. Extend your thumb to the side for the eastern panhandle. For slightly more accuracy, unfold one knuckle of your index finger.
I might have to drive through West Virginia this weekend.
by pitttbaster October 08, 2009
A great state to BE from. A great state to visit on holiday esp. Deer (Rifle) Season. Nothing is better. You only have 2 options in this state. You are either going uphill or downhill. Thats it. You see there ARE lots of hills and hollers and shit. (that would qualify as mountains in any other state). Lots of Black Folk in your new location that try to intimidate you because you are white. Be easy! Just tell them that you are from West Virginia. It will scare them off faster than roaches with the light on.

There are a lot of proper talking hillbilles with college educations that you would not want to do wrong to. And more than a few Janky wannabe hilbilllie wiggers that are wanksters.
I thought I was a badass until that white boy told me he was from West Virginia. Then I got scared!
by STANKSTOZOID June 30, 2010
A place filled with horrible accents, poverty, rednecks and country music. I should know. I live here.
You sound like you're from West Virginia.
by Rainboww November 29, 2010
They vote for White Democrats but they never vote for a African American who is a Democrat instead vote for a White Stupid Republican called McCain/Palin. don't move here the state discourages outsiders.
Bigots, "West Virginia" Hypocrites
by wouldn't live in West Virginia March 25, 2011
DOES NOT HAVE INCEST OR HICS, and has a coal supply that helps power several neighboring states. also has a kickass college team called MARSHALL
The nfl #7 draft pick went to a college in West Virginia
by Rockteacher101 October 24, 2003
I'm from WV and it does not have hillbillies and no incest or anything. Marshall does no suck and in the past 5 years Marshall has kicked miami's (oh) ass and oh yeah marshal is going into confrence usa while miami is staying in the mac because they didnt get an invitation...heh heh
lets not take a piss on marshalls mascot
by A French December 07, 2003
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