A rugged, poverty stricken state with a naturally beautiful landscape and a unique population. West Virginia's poor economic infrastructure stems from the lack of an urban white-collar economy and collapse of the coal industry. The largest city in the entire state is Charleston, which is home to a mere 185,000 residents. However, the lack of a powerful economy has prevented suburban mall districts and McMansion golf course homes from destroying rural areas (as is common in most southern states). The result of this commercial isolation, rural living, and blue-collared work force is a truly authentic group of people who can only be defined as Mountaineers (which is the team name of West Virginia University). These Mountaineers are characterized by a love of the outdoors, a fondness of reckless partying, thier nasal southern/midwestern hybrid accent, and their generally gregarious attitudes. West Virginians usually inhabit small towns of about 15,000-45,000 where people live in modest homes on large sects of land, which explains the passion for all things outdoors. And with the beautiful, mountainous landscape, it is a perfect place to be an outdoorsman (especially in fall/winter). However, a large problem with West Virginia is fraud from those collecting from the goverment by either women who have pawned their children off on their parents, or by former laborers who file false claims of injury to collect money and prescriptions. Couple that with the large amount of productive young people who migrate to cities such as Baltimore, Pittsburgh, NYC, and Philadelphia, and there are not many young people with college experience who stay in the state.

In short, West Virginia is a pretty place without a city worth mention. Most people who live here are very easy going and fun, but also relatively uneducated and poor.
The state slogan is "West Virginia: Wild, Wonderful", and if it were ignoring economy, this would be a perfect description. Which is the reason I had to leave for Pittsburgh.
by Frank Drebin October 10, 2005
A stunningly beautiful state. I urge people to get off of the interstates and explore some of the more wild areas- these places are what West Virginia really has to offer. Unfortunately many people from out of state don't know where the best spots are, and even long time residents don't take full advantage of the ample outdoor recreation available.

Because of the relative isolation from the rest of the country (until recently), very interesting folk cultures developed all over the Mountain State. I grew up in the Greenbrier Valley, but I have lived in several different regions. I've found that you can't really compare West Virginia to other states or even one West Virginia town to another because of this isolated development. The more little towns I discovered, the more my preconceptions were proven false. You really can't judge the entire state by one area. You especially cannot judge this state by appearances- social norms and material things are not what West Virginians tend to value. You won't find urban metropolises full of coffee shops, trendy clubs, and shopping centers, but you will find close-knit communities and people that really care about each other.

No matter where I've lived or traveled, I've never found people as extraordinarily interesting and friendly I have in West Virginia. Unfortunately, West Virginia has been continuously exploited for generations by outside interests. They have pillaged the state's rich natural resources and left its population in perpetual poverty. Sadly, much of the intelligent and forward-thinking population is left with no choice but to relocate to obtain good educations and jobs- perpetuating this cycle. With extreme poverty comes heavy drug use, alcoholism, lack of education, obesity, incest, abuse, poor health care, and the trashy lifestyle the state has become infamous for.
It may seem like a cloud of gloom hangs over this place, but if you look closer, you will find that stereotypes don't come close to explaining the haunting beauty and complexity of West Virginia.
by Alloy1028 August 13, 2007
A great place to do things outdoors. When your here your surrounded by nice people unlike that piece of shit OHIO! All you people think is that people from West Virginia are dumb rednecks, well your wrong. West Virginia is without a doubt the best state in the fuckin country. So all you hatin sons a bitches can go suck a dick!!!!
West Virginia kicks ass!
by Forrest Loughry March 01, 2009
Anyone who says west virginia is boring is completely fucking inaccurate. Get your heads out of your fucking asses and go camping. We dont believe in incest and quite frankly every state has incestous people. Mary Lou Retton was one of the best gymnasts ever and well she was from west by god virginia. Homer Hickam who is one of the most important rocket scientists is from west by god virginia. We do have what you people call rednecks but we just call eachother friends. 90% of west virginia doesnt lock its doors because we have no reason. More people in west virginia owns guns then other places but less people get shot.
A place where you can go to church in blue jeans and a t shirt and still be seen as a god loving person.
A place where people are proud to be themselves because we are who we are.
A place that if you start a fight you will lose. We stand up for wat we believe in.
West Virginia is the best damn place in the world.
The state in which I live in.

While other states were building their economies in various ways, WV spent too much time and effort in coal. Which left everything else severely underdeveloped. When the coal companies left, which wasn't too long ago, they took with them what our state had been based on. So were basically behind everyone else. But we are catching up.

Yes, we do have shoes. Poverty has always ran rampant in this state and often times people only could afford the bare necessities. And sometimes children have fun playing bearfoot. We are Mountaineers.

Incest...yes. The strong family ties and isolation has resulted in may a incestial relationship. But that has ended for the most part in this modern age. But incest occurs in Alabama, Iowa, in every state really.

Yes, we have accents. We live in hollers. We warsh. But I am proud of my accent and so should most people. New Yorkers have an accent, so...

We are part of the South at hearts. We were a Union state but the Confederacy is much celecrated around here and many of our forefathers fought for that side. Especially here in southern WV.

Our main problem now is working-class men who fake back injuries so they can receive pain medication. And disabilty. Almost everyone does it. Some sell the drugs to other people, and make a profit.
I'm proud to be a West Virginian. A southern West Virginian.
by Rassspy June 21, 2004
An extremely misunderstood state. It seceded from the Confederacy circa 1863 because the state opposed slavery. It is full of breathtaking scenery and a simplicity that is genuinely hard to find anywhere else. Life slows down a little in West Virginia... there isn't all the hustle and commotion of a larger city or state. It's peaceful, and wonderfully inspiring.
Those who live there know its flaws, but appreciate all its wonderful qualities. They call it home, and it holds a special place in their hearts.

Many people criticize the state for the stereotypical "Hillbillies" which allegedly inhabit it; however, if one pays attention to the critics, they themselves usually sound quite uneducated. Those who live in glass houses...
"Almost heaven, West Virginia

Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

Life is old there, older than the trees

Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

Country roads, take me home

To the place I belong

West Virginia, Mountain Mama

Take me home, country roads"
-Take Me Home, Country Roads, by John Denver
by Wicked21 June 14, 2011
A state that is -not- part of Virginia. It is commonly mistaken for "western-Virginia". This mistake is most commonly made by non-Americans who think they are amazing at Geography.
West Virginian: "I'm from West Virginia."
Englishman: "Oh! I know people from Richmond!"
West Virginian: "Yeah! And I know someone from Glasgow!"
by xMaeveRochex December 22, 2010
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