One of America's poorest states. New Yorkers who claim to be "tolerant" and then make jokes about Appalachians which they would never dare make about blacks or gays deserve a hard punch in the face.

West Virginia has been screwed and betrayed by the rich Bi-Coastal fat cats.

Witness the way the Elites behaved towards Jessica Lynch; they competed to exploit her. The CIA, the Pentagon, Tim Robbins, the Feminists, the Right, the Left, the media, the Metropolitan Elite...all GUILTY of RAPING Jessica Lynch.

Someday, there will be vengeance.
Chuck Yaeger, John Nash, Homer Hickam, Jessica Lynch are famous West Virginians, and are vastly superior to any of the worhtless, parasitic New York intelectuals.

West Virginians don't rape sheep, but New Yorkers raped Jessica Lynch.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
Where it's all relative...
So's Montana...
by X-S~ June 27, 2004
a giant cesspool of fat toothless rednecks and hic towns. a giant toilet bowl of a state where white trash reigns supreme. every stereotype is true. their largest city compares to that of other states smallest cities. where every single day is that same dreary, cloudy cover. driving through west virginia is like taking a drive through satan's butthole.
"I just got done driving through West Virginia and feel like killing myself!"
by mr. mgoo March 13, 2006
West Virginia...a state I have been stuck in...where people are stuck in their animals...and Juggaloz and Rapperz and Breakdancerz, constantly contemplate homicide. This is a pretty cool state, if you look past the 65% redden population...but no all reddnes are bad....I think?
West Virginia...the first state to breed the half human dog!
by Reymar of dat Kronik X September 05, 2004
State south of Pennsylvania. Commonly referred as the "Mountaineer State" and "Sheep rappers"
A common chant by Pitt fans directed toward West Virginia.......
Rape them sheep Rape them sheep R-A-P-E RAPE them sheep!
by BJK January 11, 2004

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