One of America's poorest states. New Yorkers who claim to be "tolerant" and then make jokes about Appalachians which they would never dare make about blacks or gays deserve a hard punch in the face.

West Virginia has been screwed and betrayed by the rich Bi-Coastal fat cats.

Witness the way the Elites behaved towards Jessica Lynch; they competed to exploit her. The CIA, the Pentagon, Tim Robbins, the Feminists, the Right, the Left, the media, the Metropolitan Elite...all GUILTY of RAPING Jessica Lynch.

Someday, there will be vengeance.
Chuck Yaeger, John Nash, Homer Hickam, Jessica Lynch are famous West Virginians, and are vastly superior to any of the worhtless, parasitic New York intelectuals.

West Virginians don't rape sheep, but New Yorkers raped Jessica Lynch.
by A Guy February 05, 2005
State that joined the Union in 1863 when the western counties of VA seceded from the aforementioned slave state. The Union Army womped Confederate ass to show that Abe and his boys were in command and not much has happened there since. It is the only state with two panhandles as well. I also really thinkt he other definition (sheep) really brings up a point many cannot ignore, however....
The most famous WV native is Gen. Chuck Yeager...
by Not so super DJ Gennady May 05, 2003
A wannabe southern state that's basically Mississippi part deux.
Even though West Virginia is located at a fairly northern latitude (the northermost part of WV is at the same latitude as NYC), due to the accent and mannerisms of it's people and it's odd geography, it might as well be a part of Mississippi.
<Pittsburgh person> Did ya know that West Virginia is only 'boot a half hour away from Picksburg, eh?
<West Virginia person> I THINK YOU BE LYING BOY
by Da Wizard Of OZ June 12, 2009
Virginia is for lovers, West Virginia is for Brothers!
West Virginia: brothers have better love than lovers
by Mikey1234567890 October 20, 2008
sticking up your middle finger, but not realy, more to the side
" West Virginia!!!" ATC cast- inside joke
by HANNAH May 13, 2004
Where the entire population of Akron, Ohio originated.
by somebody October 17, 2003
The second poorest-state next to Mississippi. It was a mistake the state Seceded from Virginia during the Civil War. Virginia does better in almost everything each year while West Virginia get's worse. This is the only state where ive seen the state sign say open for business, and then months later it was changed. They don’t allow any business in the state so the result is a loss of jobs and an increase in poverty.

Where the infamous United States Senator: Robert Carlyle Byrd is from. He is the "Oldest" current member of the United States Congress (BORN 1917). He was a member of the KKK and has openly said "Nigger" and "White Nigger" on National Television. Actually his exact words were: "There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time. I'm going to use that word."(March 4, 2001 interview with Tony Snow).

WV is the Chemical Capital of the United States. Yes, I bet you thought New Jersey had that one but you would be wrong. Du-Pont has displaced research chemicals into streams, and river throughout the state for many years. Towards Virginia and D.C., that end of WV has advised that people boil there water and filter it before consuming. Sad.

The western end of the state has it's own sickness similar to the one in Ohio. It's called the Mid-Ohio Valley sickness.

The state has one of the LOWEST overall violent/property crime rates in the entire USA.

Yes there are Bueatiful Mountains to see, but what lurks inside them is scary. In Cairo for example, people seem to build there houses out of scratch if you catch my drift. It’s some scary looking shit, and people live there. Holy shit!

There are entire ABONDONED TOWNS throughout the state. Not one person around anywhere, not one store of business open. Again, scary shit.

Incest does not occur in West Virginia like people think.
With that said, Arkansas is the INCEST capital of the USA.

The largest city has just over 50,000 people. And has absolutely nothing cool or hip to even mention. And yes im talking about Charleston. That city is lame, just like the rest of them.

The state sucks, I will pray for it.
I have friends who live in West Virginia.

I have relatives who live in West Virginia.
by iueuifnhonhj562525 January 02, 2009
A complete discrace to the United States. Filled with dumb hicks that won't allow buisness to come into there state so the result of course is poverty. If you accually move here you will never make it out. The place sucks you in. There are no jobs in WV. And yes it's true incest runs rampid in WV. And to westerners WV is not part of Virginia. We are a completelly seperate godamn(country) state.
(Guy1 ): You ever look at you sister like that?

(Guy 2): Fuck no! You sicko!

(Guy 1): Oh it's ok im from West Virginia. We keep it in all in the family here!

(Guy 2): Oh that explains alot.
by hillbilly bobdonjoe July 10, 2008
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