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Normal high schools are plagued by problems like drugs, sex, and violence. On the surface, West Shore appears to be a utopia, free of these things. But, this Central Florida High School has a different vice: cheating. The students of West Shore are the filthiest goddamn cheaters you'll ever meet. Normal kids might write answers on their hands or wrists--West Shorians just laugh at them. These guys copy homework right under the noses of administrators and steal exams just as easily. They wrote the fucking book on cheating.
"I hate these West Shore exams. Hey Brian, you studied for Latin yet?"
"Naw, I just stole a copy last period. I'll do it tonight."
by Mr. Spinner August 22, 2006
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A school in Florida for nerds with high FCAT scores. If you go there, you don't get the extra 2 hours of sleep that normal middle schoolers get.
And no, I haven't seen anyone cheat at West Shore.
by Daughter_Of_Artemis December 16, 2010
A School in Florida for people who think that if they don't go there then they will become low-life scum who can't go anywhere in life and won't be able to go to college. The principal looks like the guy who draws cartoons. an extreme form of daycare where people are given a set of tasks no one is able to complete. And the students are all very very horny because they never get sex. This school is a joke and most students leave after one or two years because they can't stand the bullshit form gay teacher like Mr.Raheb and Mrs.Gent.
West shore is the gayest school in all of Florida.
by Charles Skibinskeet March 13, 2009

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