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Section of southwest Boston. All white people. White trash kids who like to have street fights, not a friendly neighborhood what so ever. Lots of good hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and baseball players though.
Jim: dude im fighting a West Roxbury kid, im gonna fuck him up
Joe: probably shouldn't do that, hes gonna kill you
by dieghout January 16, 2013
The neighborhood that is refered to as "westie" where the kids go to the gym everyday and not gain an inch of muscle. But these same kids claim they're tough and get into fights and lose, but still continue to claim their tough. Possibly the safest neighborhood in Boston because the kids tend to come outside at about 9-10. Beware these kids have spaghetti arms but according to them their the toughest kid alive. To be a westie kid you have to drink in the same places that older generations have and even though the cops bust them everytime their parents are cops so its okay. These kids are so tough that they dont want to find a new place to drink and would rather get arrested. To be a westie kid you need to own a polo hat and you need to have a bud light in your hand for every picture.
Ben:Dude you wanna go drink some brews down at billings.
Joe:Yo theres a cop right in the parking lot.
Ben:Joe well look tough drinking our bud lights in West roxbury.
by Iget girls XD June 26, 2014
1)(Noun) The best place on earth
2)(Adjective) Toughest kids alive
1. Welcome to West Roxbury home of the strong and shitted
2. Holy shit that kid is tough...he must be Westie
by Tim April 12, 2005
The most notorious hood in boston...Its an area just west of the boston fenway area that u dont wanna get stuck in past 10pm...its crunkville mass and one of the most respect parts of boston...the kids in this hood are legit
Mike: I hear that kid reps west roxbury
Sam: Ok lets roll
Mike: yeah u dont mess with those kids

That kid was so roxbury when he hit up the liquor store
by Jake827 January 05, 2006