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West Newbury, Massachusetts has a lot of nothing. West Newbury consists of trees, tractors, deer, fields, and ponds. There is one pizza place, other than that it's pretty boring. There's a castle and also a log cabin. John Cena (wrestler, rapper, actor) was born and raised in West Newbury.
"I'm from West Newbury."
"You're from West who?"
#west newbury #massachusetts #ma #west newbs #john cena
by Ohhay1 May 11, 2009
A town in northeastern Massachusetts. The residents are loaded with cash. The median income for a family is over $150,000 and the families in West Newbury aren't afraid to show it.
All the kids from West Newbury end up at Pentucket or private prep schools, and at that point end up blowing all of their parents money on drugs and alcohol.

There isn't anything cool in West Newbury; just the House of Pizza, and Long Hill Orchard.

John Cena is from West Newbury.
"Yo, that kid looks like he's from West Newbury."
"Yeah, he's driving a tricked out Mercedes S-Class."
"Probably his mom's."
#west newbs #massachusetts #newburyport #pentucket #john cena
by pinetreez002 June 07, 2009
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