Also in walking distence: post office, west kingston elementary school, mobil station, and if you REALLY feel like walking, URI.
West Kingston Elementary is friggen amazing :) ♥
by No life 1313 May 26, 2009
Small place in the middle of nowhere found in Rhode Island where the most badass people live.

NOT to be confused with South Kingstown where you can actually go places...

Only places you can walk to consist of a liquor store, West Kingston Park, Dels truck in the summer, Barbers pond, and the Homestead restaurant. Despite that, residents always manage to have tons of fun and keep themselves entertained.
Referred to as “East Bum-fuck” or the “Boondocks”
"Dude, theres nothing to do in this hell hole."
"Might as well go get some Dels and chill at the West Kingston Park."
"Can we take pictures of random children?"
"Sure, why not."
by No Life 13 May 24, 2009

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