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1. A type of ass whooping that can only be delivered from some one of west indian decent. Unfortunately no one actually knows what it consists of because is kept very secretive and only taught to a selected few West Indian Children. No one that has suffered a west indian beatdown has lived to expose its contents. Its an ancient martial arts. Abbreviated as "WIBD".

2. Not many people know how to actually perform a West Indian Beatdown. But many people threaten their enemies with one in a desperate act to win an arguement/debate and strike fear in their opponents heart. Commonly an empty threat that can often be contested.
1. Nicole: What happened to steve?
Josh: Sharon gave him a west indian beatdown!

2. Nicole: Do you want a West Indian Beat Down?!?!
Josh: im not scared.. You ain't about that life ! -_-
by jayesquire March 05, 2013
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