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Typically consists of North Caldwell, Essex Fells, Fairfield, and Roseland. These four towns lie to the western portion of Essex county, greatly differing from their poorer eastern neighbors such as Newark, Irvington, and Nutly. West essex is a very / one of the most affluent areas in new Jersey. The towns share a regional high school, usually ranked high in the state. West Essex is thought to be more snobby than their "rival" neighbor caldwell which is known to be well off yet, alot less affluent than the west essex area even though residents of west essex travel into caldwell and west caldwell on a daily basis. West essex is close in proximity to New York City, and taxes are known to be the highest in the county. Contrary to some residents beliefs that fairfield is a more "guido" town the taxes still maintain higher levels than those of roseland. There is an increasingly large spirit and love for new jersey in this area. Home of the Sopranos, great restaurants, many celebrities, NJ sports team players, especially Devils players. The kids in these towns tend to be stuck up and spoiled, and they are not ashamed of it at all wearing the best clothing labels and driving brand new cars they got as a present from mommy and daddy which they most likely crashed multiple times and their parents just got them new ones anyway. A predominantly white town that crowds the shore AKA sleazeside on mdw and prom weekend. Think country clubs and pizzerias.
West Essex kid: My parents just got me a brand new BMW for my birthday and i crashed it.
West essex kid 2: Really that sucks were they mad?
West Essex Kid: Nah, they went out and got me a Cayenne instead.
West Essex Kid 2: Alright sweet lets hit a bowl to celebrate.
by West Essex > Caldwell July 18, 2009
A goup of towns in western Essex county consisting of Roseland, Essex Fells, North Caldwell, and Fairfield. With the exception of Fairfield this area is very wealthy and the residents are often affluent. This Predominantly white area is home of the West Essex Regional School District. The high school and Jr. high share a nice sized plot of land in North Caldwell. Although West Essex shares a border with Caldwell the areas differ greatly. Caldwell is a lackluster town who is in the shadows of its more affluent neighbors. West Essex is in close proximity of NYC and Morris county also a nice area, and the Mall at Short Hills.
Yo come check out my new house in West Essex. Don't worry I live in Roseland those Caldwell kids can't cross Bloomfield Ave.
by once an owl always an owl October 18, 2008

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