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A shit-hole town full of scumbags and potheads. No West Deptford is not a good place to live because of the underachieving students that walk the halls. If you are looking for a nice pleasant place to settle down West Deptford would not be that place, for most of the residents have their nose's quite high in the air. No matter the stories you hear of how West Deptford's young adolescents are vigilant and corrupt with craziness, I assure you these are not the attributes of West Deptford teenagers. However if you are looking for a corrupt, boring, and very much in debt place to settle then I can assure you West Deptford is the place for you. I hope you enjoy the refineries and the shitty community.
nigh is just an example of how ridiculous and outright despicable the adolescents of West Deptford communicate.
West deptford New Jersey is a big but not too big town in south jersey. A quiet town that cares about their high schools football team, more than their taxes. Known to make great athletes and lots of sluts with a good majority of freaks. But one thing that is always to be remembered in west deptford is... Fuck haddonfield
West deptford eagles
by Matty zit November 18, 2013
a suburban town bordering the delaware river in south jersey. it has a lot of policemen and a false, green sense of community. surrounded by power plants, patches of woods, and CRICKS, all 20,000+ of the residents are content.
where are you from?

west deptford (wd), dumbass. eagles and doom, alright?
by otwamat September 01, 2008
A drama filled town in south jersey. Filled with every type of kid you could imagine and many whores. Very few relationships last and crazy shit is always going on. probably the easiest town in south jersey to get drugs in. Drama is ridiculous and everyone talks shit on everyone. the only school in jersey where someone can walk through the hallway with a bottle of beer or a lit ciggarette. the best town in new jersey to live in, by far.
lets get wasted, cause this is west deptford.
by sammi; oh yeah. August 25, 2008

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