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A group of boys living in Village homes, or very, very near it. Their favorite activities involve smoking buds, drinking a few beers, maybe an occasion basket ball game, super smash, playing 3 flies up in the village pool, gardening, and in general- just loving life. You may be able to find them in the russel feilds, the meat lab, dan's house, the big green, the skate park, power inn, in a bush, and of course, west manner. But the villagers are certainly not perfect, they all have tempers. One might kick that jolly fake snowman on your lawn at christmas, if aggravated. One might steal your buds, if annoyed. One might not let you inside when it's raining, if unsure. But hey! that's what makes them THEM! Oh yeah, and how can i forget. They all look up to cody.
i think i'm gonna drink with the west davis villagers in the feilds.
by villageho2010 December 12, 2010

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