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referring to a town or village that is far removed from society
"Whats the name of that town? West Bumfuck?"
by Bam its The Mac April 07, 2003
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In most areas of the U.S., westbumfuck means a rural area away from the city, see the sticks or B.F.E. A town that is in the middle of no where that is no where near any urban city. A city that is more than an hour commute for its capital. A boondock area of the state in which usually nothing, not even shit, happens.

Also a nickname for Westborough
1) Angela lives all the way out in Westbumfuck, it is so far from here.

2) Damn you live all the way out in Westbumfuck.
by jPancashmoneyallstar March 22, 2010

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