West Bubblefuck, or WBF, is the upscale American version of BFE, or Bumfuck Egypt.

You would expect to find the Snobbleys and Bickersons residing in West Bubblefuck, whereas you'd expect the inhabitants of BFE to be mostly TPT and cornpone.

In either case, the location refers to some place "way out to hell and gone".

"My cousin's family wanna move from Bumfuck Egypt, where they's livin now, clear out ta West Bubblefuck t'other side o' the tracks. I done told 'em they ain't gonna be happy there, livin 'mongst them rich folks. But they don't listen to me. I guess they got airs."

flip side:

"My cousin's family, quite pedigreed you know, want to move from their comfy townhouse in the suburbs out to that new development in south county. They're looking at buying some kind of barn-converted-loft, for God sakes, with acreage. That's like moving from West Bubblefuck out to Bumfuck Egypt if you ask me. So retrograde. Why don't they move into the city, where there's some culture?"

by dsimms May 25, 2008
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Used to describe a place that's really far from where you live.
People in NYC would consider Buffalo or Syracuse West Bubblefuck.

NOTE: To all you Quality Control fanatics, this IS a real word.
by Diane October 19, 2004
A place that's simular to Iraq, Oregon, Colorado, or Nevada; Nowhere; The boonies.
"NewYork niggas iz the craziest\Jersey niggas are just the same\DC, Philly catz get my props\Everyone else...let me tell you where you from......West Bubble Fuck..West Bubble Fuck..West Bubble Fuck..West Bubble Fuck\"---song by IllBiz reppin Jerz---
"If it ain't nothing like my hood...it's West Bubble Fuck."
by IllBiz November 21, 2005
Translated as "some where out there". Referring to some thing lost, including your self.
"at least its in da house" "n not westbubblefuck"


Dude where are you?

IDK like westbubblefuck man...
by Nathan AKA Batman February 12, 2008
Another name for, say, the woods in Burkitsville (spell?), Maryland.
"The city where The Blair Witch Project took place."
by Dave October 21, 2004
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