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A private "Christian" school in High Point, North Carolina. People who go to this school from Kindergarten thru 12th grade are known as "lifers". There is a chapel service that all students are forced to attend on Thursday and after this service all the students are amazingly changed and are all of the sudden the worlds best Christian, but come Friday they are cursing, talking about getting drunk and having sex on the weekends. The kids that go to this school are stuck up little pricks that think they are the best thing on this world even though they haven't done shit with their lives. All graduates of WCA attend App State in Boone. They all go here because they are afraid to be their own person, even when it comes to college so they all stick together, even though they talk about killing each other, and will backstab you the first chance they can if it saves them. The main sport that they play is soccer, they have several state championships in both men and women soccer. DON'T SEND YOUR KIDS HERE.
person 1:

I graduated from Ragsdale High School, what about you?

Wesleyan Christian Academy grad:

You went to public school, I can no longer be associated with you, God bless.
by Shark Hunter 69 March 02, 2012

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