New York's hottest club. 9-year-old Tokyo Pip Yttchiakachuro is back with an all-new hotspot that answers the question: "WHAT?" This place has everything: trance, stilts, throw-up music, an albino that looks like Susan Powder, teddy graham people..
I totally went to Wesh last night. It got crazy.
by newyorkpartygoer13 May 23, 2011
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Also spelled Wech. French equivalent of the guys who think they are soooo ghetto ie listen to rap music (especially french rap like Rohff, Nique Ta Mère,Joey Starr etc.). Can be found in all suburbs in France, mostly around Paris ("la banlieue"). "Wesh !" is also an expression to say hi to your crew in a "ghetto" way.
Wesh mec ! : Yo dude !
Il se prend trop pour un wesh lui ... : He really thinks he's a ghetto boy that dude ...
by Frenchdude April 05, 2010
From the arabic Uesh which is an interjection, it can men "hello", "what's up" or even "what's wrong".
1. Karim : Wesh bro ! how you doing ?

2. Vico : I was like wesh, who the fuck you think you talkin to ?!
by CupcakeMe February 13, 2013
Hello, Hi, used when two individuals communicate a positive greeting.
Origin - (France) A mixture of 'Oui' and 'Yes', often used by 'Rakai' ie Homeboys and anglophones who have lived in France too long.
Q. "Wesh, wazzup my man?"
A. "Namuch, just keepin it real"
Q. "Wesh"
by King Fernando October 12, 2005

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