Name originating from the Latin 'Wes My Gun?' Roughly translated it means 'pimp ass nigga'. To name your baby this, it is necessary to fulfil a few specific requirements:

1. He must be black.
2. He must have an older brother with smaller genatalia.
3. He must possess enough swagger to hit on the midwife, when exciting his mothers vaginal crease.
4. He must make sniper montages on most CoD games.
If your son (or daughter for all you weirdo's out there) fulfils these requirements, he (or she) may be called Wes.

Wes is usually a clean shaven man with a tendency to get odt at the most inopportune of times. This however couples well with his love for all things 'D-Money' and his burning desire to watch ghetto movies with 'hoes'.

Wes doesn't toast bread, he toasts toast. Wes has featured in many Hollywood movies such as 'Dude Wes My Car?', 'Wes Wally?' and 'Scooby Doo in Wes the Mummy?'
Girl 1: Oh damnnn, look at that fly ass boi walking towards me
Girl 2: Oh no you didn't bitch, he's mineeee
Wes : Girls, girls. There's enough of me for both of you - now kiss and make up.
by BilalV2 August 01, 2011
Top Definition
also known as wez
An msn emotion which describes something that is confusing discusting and completely offensive all at the same time.
"omg did aiden talk to you last night?!"
"yeah he asked me to have sex, man he is so wes."

by Make;|anofficalemotion January 06, 2008
Wes is also known a Wesley. He is a totally amazing, epic, and rad friend. He is very cool to be around. Wes is an out going guy, he likes to make everyone smile. He does not judge anyone he first meets. Wes is loved by many people and is very well known to a great majority of people. He is the lunch time DJ. He knows how to always say the right thing to make your day better. He is caring, smart, and fun. Nothing is as great than having Wes as a friend.
Person 1: Hey you know that kid that Dj's during lunch?
Person 2: You mean Wes? Yeah I know him he's pretty cool.
by I like when you guess April 13, 2013
Abbreviation for "Wandering Eye Syndrome". Men use this when they are caught looking at a woman's chest and/or body and when asked why they say "I Have W.E.S." and it totally works. It can be pronounced like the name Wes.
Girl: "Why are you looking at my boobs?"

Guy: "I'm sorry, I have W.E.S."
by somerandomdudeinohio January 10, 2008
Conjuction of We and Is. Obviously improper grammer, but it's meaning is clear.
We's gonna pregame before the show.
by jww410 September 25, 2006
Willowfield Eighteen Streeters
WES Gang of the realest Eighteen Streeters in Los
by WGS18st December 29, 2014
A little dick and a huge bitch. Loves gals that are morbidly obese. Often spotted in the handbags of obese old black women during church. A complete pussy. Drives a Saturn.
Bro. Wes is such a faggot
by daytonswife March 16, 2016
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