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1.To be a cool while in person but once out of site becomes an automatic douche.
2.One who has frequent angry outbursts.
Man, Travis is a total were-douche?
really? I thought he was alright.
yea, thus the were-douche
by gzcl June 20, 2007
it's when a person becomes a douche bag after tewelv o'clock just like a werewolf. often in context with sleepovers.
"you don't want to have sleep overs with him he is a weredouche"

"last night tommy turned full weredouche"
by odd&klohne February 03, 2015
To become and instant douche once night falls.
I'm a pretty nice guy during the day, but I become a weredouche every night.
by weredouche October 18, 2011
noun: a male who changes inexplicably and violently for the worse, sometimes coinciding with a full moon

verb: the act of becoming a weredouche or acting in a similarly egregious manner

definition developed through self-examination via
Anyone's ex (or current) boyfriend is a weredouche on occasion.
by positivelyprejudiced.tumblr August 20, 2011
When someone turns into a were douce they see a hot person and they talk dirty about them.
Brian turns into a weredouche when he see's a hot chick with big tits.
by bigums331 October 17, 2014
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