same thing as werd; used in agreement to something else; cool
nigga 1: yo dawg i banged thyz hot chic last nite
nigga 2: werd life homie
by shani November 29, 2003
Top Definition
1. A statement of agreement with thoughtful sentiment. A serious wholehearted agreement.
2. A declaration of belief.
"Shit gets real once you get in the dope game."
"Werd Life"
by Telly D. May 19, 2005
a cousin to the popular "word" exclamation, only with a more truthful, affirmative sound.
It's usually used after someone else says " word?"

Lord Pim-"I got to get me some trees to medicate my domepiece"

terd ferguson "word?"

Lord Pim " werdlife!"
by lord pim November 01, 2006
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