werd, ie kool!
best friend: hey! guess wat? that guy asked me out!
you: werd dude thats awsome!
by mandy May 04, 2003
cool, really, nice, thats pimped, and also can be used for ie aa x90. basically just ya thats fat cool i use this word when i dont know what to say to annoying people on aim or aol =)
AnnoyingPerson: hey wud up
Me: werd
AnnoyingPerson: why do you say that eh
me Werd
by Paul aka -=]AfX[=- iMperial March 04, 2003
Can be used in a comical sense inside of a sentence
Mizz: Your girl was soo good, went on forever.

Tsi: Dude, that wasn't my girl, that was my dog u fool, werd hahaha.
by tsi|arsen October 16, 2002
this can be used to replace any word.
Me:That is some sweet shit.
You: Werd
Me:Werd up dawg.
You: Nothin much, werd.
Me: Werd.
You: WErd?
Me: I did this chick the other day, werd.
You: werd.
by Haywood U. Blowme November 26, 2004
Any word which is easily typed on a qwerty keyboard with one finger.
feds is a werd.
wert, kill, jill, poll and reds are all werds.
by logicman_alf September 24, 2006
1) strange lookin'
2) so fucking ugly
3) gross you out
" You are werd."
" I can't believe you go out with that werd boy."
by gisele November 15, 2004
Used in a Chingy song.
Wasn't it werd how we met?
by Tamela February 28, 2004
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