doesn't really mean too much
kinda like a loserish ghetto form of "cool"
#1: i'm goin to the pool.
#2: werd.
by muah* September 25, 2003
Synonymous with word, but it's way cooler. Only cool peeps can use werd.
Bob: Man that set is off da hook
Tsi: werd
by tsi|arsen October 16, 2002
The way that "word" should be spelled, considering "terd" is spelled with an "e" and "lord" is spelled with an "o"... simple english.
My werds are an extention of my conscious self. "oh, werd?"
by Werds October 26, 2008
An interjection used to express one's total disbelief of a situation or statement. First used by people with Cerebal Palsy, Chelsie Wynne Crow stole it from the handicapped and made it her own.
CWC went up to everyone with Cerebal Palsy and said, "I'm taking over your word bizzatch." To this, Everybody with Cerebal Palsy replied "WERD!"
by C & D Hizzle January 02, 2006
some prefer to use it like an abbreviated 'weird' by removing the 'ei' sound. Thus establishing "we'rd". Makes certain sense in several common usages of the word 'werd'. Just an alternate meaning, totally opposite to the ones listed.
A1: Dude, i'm having a beef jerky party later tonight, wanna come?
A2: werrd.
by luQ- October 12, 2004
random word u say to resonde to some one u find annoying
annoying person: Hi, wats up... dawg
you: Werd!! (translation: shut the fuck up u annoying fag)
by ryan June 19, 2004
How is it going? What's happenin'? A shortened version of Word Up.
To Start a Conversation: Werd Jigger1
by neat_khan May 15, 2003
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