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Slang used to agree with someone or as a question.
"Yo that party was mad hype!"
-"Werd, i had a great time"


"Did you hear Caylie got kicked out?"
by YaAfricanPrincessa April 10, 2006
3 12
An interjection used to express one's total disbelief of a situation or statement. First used by people with Cerebal Palsy, Chelsie Wynne Crow stole it from the handicapped and made it her own.
CWC went up to everyone with Cerebal Palsy and said, "I'm taking over your word bizzatch." To this, Everybody with Cerebal Palsy replied "WERD!"
by C & D Hizzle January 02, 2006
4 13
random word u say to resonde to some one u find annoying
annoying person: Hi, wats up... dawg
you: Werd!! (translation: shut the fuck up u annoying fag)
by ryan June 19, 2004
3 12
How is it going? What's happenin'? A shortened version of Word Up.
To Start a Conversation: Werd Jigger1
by neat_khan May 15, 2003
2 11
werd, ie kool!
best friend: hey! guess wat? that guy asked me out!
you: werd dude thats awsome!
by mandy May 04, 2003
4 13
cool, really, nice, thats pimped, and also can be used for ie aa x90. basically just ya thats fat cool i use this word when i dont know what to say to annoying people on aim or aol =)
AnnoyingPerson: hey wud up
Me: werd
AnnoyingPerson: why do you say that eh
me Werd
by Paul aka -=]AfX[=- iMperial March 04, 2003
0 9
Can be used in a comical sense inside of a sentence
Mizz: Your girl was soo good, went on forever.

Tsi: Dude, that wasn't my girl, that was my dog u fool, werd hahaha.
by tsi|arsen October 16, 2002
3 12