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1. An exclamation used as a form of agreement.
2. An exclamation used as a form of contentment.
3. Also used as a greeting.
"Dude, that is one hot chick!"
- "Werd."

(Half-naked women dance on stage)
" *sigh* Werd..."

"Werd, dog! What up?"
- "Nothin' much"
by TheJEnigma February 24, 2004
Werd: Scottish Based Mc (UK Hiphop/Rap)
Co-Released the Mixtape 'Werd n Deeko Vol.1' Through S.O.S (Sons of Scotland)© Records in 2007.
Also Features on DJ Scuba Steve's Mixtapes 'Scotland Stand up Vol.1' and 'Scotland Stand up Vol.2' as well as other various projects.

name 'Werd' Taken from first name 'Drew' backwards.

Currently Signed to indie lable S.O.S
Quoted as 'one of the future forces in Scottish Hip Hop'
Werd: Werd n Deeko - Scottish Rap Group and co-founder of S.O.S. Records ©
by Urban_Info November 27, 2007
Has multiple definitions. Can be used in whatever way the speaker feels fits the situation best.
1.)Thats werd to your mother, g.

2.) Werd? where do you think he went?

3.) I just found a dollar! Werd!

4.) someone stole my dollar, werd...
by This be is robot August 13, 2006
Term that was formally black slang, but is now used by white guys in basketball shorts, tank tops, and glasses.
White guy wigger 1: Yo letz go shoot some hoops and blast some Vanilla Ice at the court b'hind da school

White wigger 2: Ay we hit up 7-11 and get us some slurpees first?

White wigger 1: Werd *makes "hang-loose" sign with hand*
by Stupid White guys December 19, 2009
Pronounced as "Word", meaning something is true when someone else says it, or you agree with them.
Jane:"Britney Spears thinks we all forgot about her actions from last year."
Leigh: "Werd" or "Word."
by ibx3af January 27, 2009
this means when u agree some one
tom: yoo tht bitch gotta ratchet

by tf21 July 10, 2008
1. "whatever"
2. "fuck this"
3. "aiight"
...the period represents a short-ended frustration.
"this shit is wack."
by Marybutt December 14, 2007