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A word used to express great delight or excitement to an upcoming event
weow getting smashed this weekend
by spoooooooooon September 12, 2009
to be pissed off at something. kindof a form of the term "wow" but more emphasis.

made popular by quinn on Halo 2 on Xbox live.
Weow kyyyyyyyyyy you are such a bitch. i just got sooooo screwed over.
by ktm24 August 01, 2007
Childish Version Of Wow

and it sounds cool
Girl: have you been to the deep south before
Man: i have been to Palm Beach
Girl: Weow
by Mickey Dboy November 03, 2010
word used when words fail you. form of expression.
weow that was crap
by moose August 17, 2003
when you here a rumor about you that is true but you told someone in confidence that they wouldn't tell!
weow bitch u told fuck u
by headcheerleader December 10, 2008
a statement used to replace words in a sentence, in any way shape or form
Yesterday I went to the weow, to get some weow, and I was like, WEOW.
by my name is tebo! April 16, 2005
an obsolete term that once described an Nk Wow
Weow heee eees seee reeeeeteeededdd.
by Niko November 15, 2004