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Algonquin for "First Born Daughter"....Wenonah is actually a title given to the chief's daughter. The Wenonah determined who the next chief was and actually wielded the power in the tribe. Wenonah is the name of Hiawatha's mother.

Wenonah's are loving, faithful, and can be bossy at times.
Wenonah is the chief's daughter.
by First born daughter February 02, 2010
A really cute girl from a little town. She really is one of a kind being a country girl that loves rock. Shes adorable with her height and no matter what anyone says she should never feel like she is ugly. She is an amazing girl and i will always think she is an amazing girl.

Wenonah you are a beautiful adorable blonde and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
by TheArkBuilder May 17, 2012
if you live in this town, you are either gay, rich, spoiled, a drug addict or gay again.
Wenonah Resident-"I'm from Wenonah"
Woodbury Heights Resident-"You're gay as hell"
by eeeeer June 16, 2008
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