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skin on the tip of your elbow
"Hey, Cindy, lick my wenis, I'll pay you"
by SAWilliams June 21, 2006
9 17
wenis is the skin on your elbow. if you yank on it hard, it doesn't hurt. it is wenis time when somebody grabs your wenis and pulls on it
hean: ewww matt your wenis is showing

by knobhead June 17, 2006
3 11
a wenis is the flabby part of the elbow..
u fat barstard,come near me again n i'll poke u in d wenis you tubby boy.

steph has a wenis, its floppy and limp after years of abuse.
by fat barstard February 20, 2005
30 38
A neologism for vagina. Based on the similar sounding "penis".
Wenis is an inverted penis, aka vagina.

My penis fits in your wenis.
by W3N!$ August 05, 2009
3 12
a vagina that turned into a penis
that trannys got a pretty nice wenis
by anita velveeta April 02, 2009
3 12
A male who has an exceptionally small penis ranging anywhere from 3 inches and smaller.(this could also be considered as a chode)
While Jason and Vanessa were getting intimate she took off his pants only to realize that Jason had a WENIS!
by CB.88 November 13, 2006
4 14
An annoying person who rubs off on you the wrong way

One Who Ruins good things

One who decides its their duty to wake you up at 4:00 a.m. after you went to bed at 1:00

One who likes to cheat or take the credit for something they didn't do

Person with flabby elbow skin

A mean movie ticket ripper
George Bush is such a wenis

Jeff you are being such a wenis

What the hell is that wenis doing here
by MovieTicketManWithAMeanSide July 27, 2008
6 17