The skin on the end of your elbow.

Touching Wenises together is akin to a high five.
Let me feel your wenis.

Gimme some wenis!
by 4_8_15_16_23_42 October 13, 2006
The Skin on Your Elbow.
Your Wenis is touching my Wenis, Its Wenis SEX!!!

Quit farting your making my Wenis mad!
by Sirkka July 03, 2006
protective layer of skin on your elbow.
ill give you a dollar to touch my wenis.

Ms. Shane:What are you doing?
Adam:Talking about wenises
Ms. Shane:Oh! is that a kind of puppy?
by Adam and Arielle November 09, 2005
Mix of a wussy and a penis.
Damn Jim, you cried while watching P.S. I Love You? What a wenis!
by SleeplessInABQ April 16, 2009
wenis is the skin on your elbow. if you yank on it hard, it doesn't hurt. it is wenis time when somebody grabs your wenis and pulls on it
hean: ewww matt your wenis is showing

by knobhead June 17, 2006
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