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Your Elbow :) Not Your Penis .
Girl: May iTouch Your Wenis?!
Boy: Knock Yourself Out .
Girl: *SQUEEZE!*
Boy: HEEYY! Dhat Was Mah Elbow!!
Girl: iKnow .. YOU NASTY HOE!!
by GreenEyesBbyy July 27, 2010
The loose skin on the elbow and you wiggle it for sexual satisfaction... For females.
Paris Hilton makes me horny so now I'm master-batting by wiggling my wenis.
by Wenis Luvers July 18, 2010
a) mixture of two words: weiner and penis
b) derogatory denotation of lameness
c) irony: a huge pussy
"Andy P. is a scheming little wenis."
by Andrew Gorilla February 11, 2009
the flabby skin the hangs for the tip of your elbow. Some people's wenis can be extremly long and other's is like a dub.
Mary's wenis is 3 cm, but Erin's is only 1 cm.
by mary helen May 12, 2005
1)a freaken awsome word
2)the skin on your elbow
3)spread the word
4)Danny has one
"danny, we beat you and your dry flabby wenis in badmitten so get over it"
by smaso January 22, 2005
It's just your elbow, but it sounds funny. Go up to someone and tell them to rub your wenis.
-Hey, Ashley, rub my wenis.
by The Red Comet396 April 01, 2004
the skin on yo elbow
My wenis is hurting
by Destroyer14434 March 13, 2010