extra skin on your elbow
hey cathy, do u wanna rub my wenis?; ya, mary licked my wenis last night, it was awsome!
by UPyours!! November 07, 2005
The skin that is shiny on your elbow thats hot and sexy
You have such a hot wenis, Your wenis is lickable
by Awestomous December 20, 2009
Skin on your elbow which doesn't hurt no matter how hard you pull on it.
Quit pulling my wenis!
by Dan Gehring July 18, 2006
bottom of ur elbow
"Hey Lindz, Can you lick your wenis?"
by Bob Marley February 23, 2004
elbow skin
dont forget to put sunscreen on your wenis
by lil wenis May 22, 2011
Wet penis
After having sex, Ally gave Lizz a wenis.
by ilizzard March 07, 2011
A very tiny penis. The owner of which loves to wack it.
Look, Carlos is wackin his little wenis!
by Speed Racer 19 April 24, 2010

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