The state of the penis after being exposed to chilly conditions. i.e. Coming out of the pool, the ocean, a cool shower, etc.
"I was in the pool for over an hour. I looked for my penis but all I found was a wenis"

"Johnny and I were making out in the water on spring break... I wanted his cock but all got was the wenis..."
by Jarvis mayes November 22, 2009
The bumpy skin on your elbows.
After I bumped my elbow on the counter, my wenis itched for hours!
by maramayo April 10, 2009
the outer skin which lies on the elbow
"Damn Sue your wenis needs some lotion"

Have you lotioned up your wenis today?

Billy I'll let you touch my wenis if I can touch yours!
by bradyzgrl8 April 14, 2008
A wenis is the skin on your elbow.
Me: Hey, how many wenis'es do you have?
Stephen: ... I don't know?
Me: It's a simple question?
Stephen: None?
Me: Oh. My. God. Who cut off your arms?
by CeEjAy2312 May 09, 2011
Wuss + penis = wenis. This is a term used for a dude who is a total moron.
Man, that dude is a wenis!
by ohiotubagal February 05, 2010
extra skin on your elbow
hey cathy, do u wanna rub my wenis?; ya, mary licked my wenis last night, it was awsome!
by UPyours!! November 07, 2005
The skin that is shiny on your elbow thats hot and sexy
You have such a hot wenis, Your wenis is lickable
by Awestomous December 20, 2009

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