The scrotum of the elbow.
Sometimes, when my wenis gets dry, it itches and I scratch it.
by Julio Rios September 10, 2005
The skin on the tip of your elbow or a fun word to joke around with.
Anne-"Hey Craig can I see your wenis?"
Craig-"Hell yea!!!" *pulls up sleeve on shirt*
by TeTe BaBeZ January 09, 2009
A penis that is so weeny, it does not deserve its real name. It is a weeny penis, or wenis.
*During le sexytimes:

Girlfriend: Lol, you have a wenis!

Boyfriend: ...
by Elizabeth Grey July 12, 2016
The outside part of the vertex of an angle.
The teacher asked Jimmy to find the wenis. Jimmy pointed at his elbow and the teacher got mad at him.
by Flurbenhurgen December 10, 2014
A woman who looks like a woman but sounds like a men's rights activist.
That wenis is in favour of men getting full custody of their kids, no matter what kind of a father they are.
by Westside Pat October 08, 2012
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