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the skin covering the elbow.. you can't feel a thing on it!
it's not my fault my wenis is hard!
*whispers* would you like to fondle my wenis?
your wenis is touching my wenis...!
will you massage my wenis? i knocked it on the table.. it hurts very much.
you know it's impossilbe to like your own wenis??
my wenis is bigger than yours!
by jacklyn March 16, 2006
The scrotum of the elbow.
Sometimes, when my wenis gets dry, it itches and I scratch it.
by Julio Rios September 10, 2005
The part of floppy skin on your elbow that is referred to as a sexual joke.
OHHHH! Grab my wenis hard! Pull! Pull! OH YES!
by ThePersonThatLivesInHisOwnAss April 09, 2011
The skin that covers the elbow. A good wenis is one that has good elasticity.
Wow you wenis is good!
by Cera Beth April 02, 2006
The stretchable skin covering of the outer elbow.
Can you see my wenis through this shirt?
by Taz and Lizzy April 02, 2005
A woman who looks like a woman but sounds like a men's rights activist.
That wenis is in favour of men getting full custody of their kids, no matter what kind of a father they are.
by Westside Pat October 08, 2012
The flab of skin on the of your elbow. There are no pain sensors there.
Random Stranger: *grabs elbow*
You: Dude! I can feel you squeezing my wenis!!!!!
Random Stranger: Umm...
You: OMG!!! I can feel pain!!!!!!!! Theres something wrong with my wenis!!!!
Random Stranger: *backs away*
You: Will you squeeze my wenis and see if it feels pain.
Random Stranger: STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Wenis.... March 15, 2011