The very youthful and supple skin on your elbow.
Wow, have you seen Kirk's wenis? It's got it goin on.
by It's Me! February 19, 2004
another word for your elbow that is used in jokes to make people laugh and feel akward
i walk in the lunch line and a dude bumps into me
Me: Hey man you just bumped into my wenis!!!
Dude: Woa man lets not get personal here im feeling wierd
Me: Did you know i can almost touch my wenis with my tongue?
Dude: K, your freaking me out man
Me: I touched my best friend with my wenis because he wanted to see if it was all scratched up from the time i fell on the cement
Dude: Thats it im leaving stay away from me
by Spidey Alex July 27, 2006
The dry flabby skin of the elbow. Many people mistake it for the male private. The wenis is one of the most amazing parts of the body; also, many people with no life tend to measure theirs and have a contest. Unfortunately, some people only have a wenis of .74 cm.
Your wenis needs lotioning.
by WENIS MASTER May 17, 2005
The skin that can be pulled out from the elbow when the arm is straightened.
She's touching my wenis.
by Slash January 02, 2005
Plural to the word wenis, referring to the soft, stretchy flab of skin covering the elbow.
She fondled both my weni at the same time!
by kcpooh January 16, 2008
Weekly Estimated Net Income Statistics (Chandler Bing - NBC Friends)
Honey, I can't leave the office until my boss lets go of my Wenis.
by geyser7in September 13, 2003
The dry loose skin on an elbow.

This term is is derived from the word 'Wisen' which is an area near the funny bone. People then began commenting how the male genital 'Penis' has the same type of foreskin as the skin on your elbow.
Hence the term Wenis

(NOTE: the funny bone is not a bone, when you hit it, your pinching the ulnar nerve against the humerus)
If you touch my wenis it might spit at you.
by Neufy June 27, 2009

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