A dimple-like impression left when a fully erect penis makes contact with a breast augmentation.
Gee, you left a wenis on my boob.
by geyser7in September 13, 2003
Alternate Definition to the medical termonolgy: It is the stage between childhood, and adulthood, in which as a child the male genital area is classified as a weiner, and as the child progresses into adulthood it forms as a penis. The stage between the weiner and the penis is classified as a wenis.
As Tommy progressed through puberty he witnessed his wenis turn into a penis.
I saw a boy goosin his wenis the other day.
by Canonball_DGeorge, March 06, 2007
The flap of skin between your index finger and your thumb.
My wenis was pinched by a turtle.
by Wenis February 28, 2006
a peice of skin in between your thumb and index finger
let me touch your wenis
by jake the flake September 21, 2005
The bulging zipper of a mans pants that bunches up while seated, making it look as though he has an erection.
"I dont have a boner! It's just a wenis!"
by Dantonio June 07, 2005
A Woman With A Penis W(oman)(P)enis=WENIS!
Look at that chick, her wenis is hard as a rock
by Wenis Lover September 25, 2003
A flying elephant from the planet mars. Often sighted in mexico.
Wow...look at the height of that wenis fly!
by Dudeman_sam November 03, 2006

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