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Variation of penis, used commonly by sarcastic hecklers.
I gots a smelly wenis, and it's for you!
by Seifer March 05, 2003
A wenis is a clitoris. (Woman penis) Just think about it.
1. Hey, my girlfirend has an overgrown wenis! It's almost like I'm gay!
2. My wenis gets excited when rubbed.
by Sheldon Wray March 16, 2005
An exclamation that may be used in many different ways, often in a negative context and/or in place of 'fuck' or 'shit'.
Noun: You are such a wenis.
Adjective: That movie is so wenis.
Verb: I just wenised up.
by Allie March 06, 2004
A pants boner. As opposed to elbow skin.
'So I heard that Diana was playing with your pants boner.'
by Xd6 June 05, 2005
wenis, or more commonly, a young boys penis. usually between the age of 4-8, young boys often refer to their male member as a wenis.
quick...hit me in the wenis
(as 6 year old boy hands you a wiffle ball bat)
by lucas garrett January 12, 2005
the skin between your thumb and pointer finger!!!!! see wenis rape

beat that
ow, i got a paper cut on my wenis!
by 84nn4 October 18, 2004
Essentially, a cross between weiner and penis.
The typical Dashboard Confessional fan is a wenis.
by Luke February 26, 2004